Rex – A Heart Captured

rex1“More than Missionaries..We Are Family”
By: Rex Curtis, Planning 7th Trip to Njuthine

All of these projects have certainly been worthy, but the one that touched our hearts was the gravity fed water line project. This line runs from a river approximately eleven miles away to the village. This in itself is a big job, but when you consider it is being dug by hand it seems overwhelming. Can you possibly imagine, eleven miles of 12” pipe, dug and laid by the hands of the men and women from this village? Some with no shoes no shovels and with bare hands. In two years they had only been able to dig two miles due to the conditions and restrictions put upon them and they had reached solid rock at 14′.

rex3The irrigation project was what took me and my wife, Elaine, half way around the world. The Kenya government has named this the “Njuthine Small Scale Irrigation Water Project”. I’m not clear as to how you can call a 11 mile long, gravity fed, all hand dug trench with 12” pipe “small scale”, but it promises to have a “huge scale” impact on the village of Njuthine. This project, now complete will have a significant social and financial impact on this poor community.
Poor in that they have no money or resources, but rich with an incredible amount of Christ centered faith. 80% of Kenya is Christian with approximately 60% unemployment. The water project has allowed these subsistence farmers, for the first time to irrigate and grow their crops and not totally rely on the limited rain fall or from hand carried drawn water from miles away. With irrigation they can have a consistent, higher quality crop that will feed their families, sell, barter or trade along with a more consistent, higher quality of life. Without the assistance from us here at  HPPC the Irrigation project would have taken 10+ years to have completed, if ever! Our Kenyan friends have impacted our lives and captured our hearts. We are still having a hard time wrapping our arms around what we experienced for the last 6 mission trips. We want to continue to be God’s hands, feet and resources to this village of believers and can not wait to go back to see them again. We are more than just missionaries we are their family.rex2


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