Boniface – A Life Redeemed

Happy, Healthy & Whole1

Happy, Healthy & Whole1

Months before the trip to Njuthine, Elaine felt the Holy Spirit prompt her to care for Boniface, a young homeless orphan she had met on a previous trip. She wasn’t sure what this calling would entail, so she prepared for it as best as she could. She gathered supplies and clothes to give to him, packing it in a backpack, and preparing for her journey.

After several days in Njuthine, there was still no sign of Boniface. On the last day at the school, Elaine asked for a special search trip to be sent out for him. She was initially told it would be impossible to find him, but she was not to be easily dissuaded from her mission. She had conviction and a backpack full of supplies…and she was determined to follow through with the mission that the Lord had placed on her heart.

Boniface was near death when they finally found him in a corn field. He was emaciated, dehydrated and was just coming out of a grand mal seizure. It was speculated by the resident Dr. Paul Sanders that he probably would have been dead in one week’s time. Similar to the Good Samaritan in Luke 10, Elaine could not simply leave her friend in the dirt. The team picked him up and carried him to a private Catholic Hospital that agreed to allow him to stay there till a home could be found for him.

Elaine & Rex Curtis have continued to collect and raise financial support for Boniface to be restored to health at the hospital. The “Matron” (head of administration at the hospital) and the “Chief” (political/desk job of the local police) have agreed to “foster care” Boniface. He is now happy, healthy, and part of a family.


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