Zosie The Zebra

ZosieDustCoverProof#2God Asked …
and We ALL


HPPC Elders, Deacons, Prayer Intercessors, Youth Interns, Staff, Pastors, Missionaries and a Heavenly Host of Supporters answered God’s nudge to author, illustrate, and print the gift-worthy hardback children’s storybook: Zosie the Zebra…in SEVEN languages, no less!

What we have done is unprecedented here at HPPC and, quite possibly, worldwide!

The story is about Zosie, a baby zebra born with wheels instead of hooves, and how God can use her (you) even with her (your) differences, and how she (you) did it all with a joyful heart.

Zosie’s story is a great way to talk with little ones about bullying and/or being different.

Volunteers Charis Johnson (Mrs. Duffy) wrote the story; and Benny Hinkle, III, and Derrill Osborn illustrated Zosie with an irresistible flair, making it one of the cutest children’s books around!

Zosie the Zebra is written in seven languages in tribute to the Divine number seven that appears throughout all of Scripture.

Zosie’s story is told in English, Chinese, French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Zosie’s mother tongue of Swahili. Just think how this God-Breathed missional story can impact His Kingdom globally!

Our Mission: A Purchase with a Purpose

Our prayer is to sell 2000 copies of Zosie the Zebra and 2000 rolling toy zebras by the end of 2015. We will use 100% of the profits towards HPPC’s mission in Njuthine to:

• Build a three (3) bedroom duplex to house the medical staff so that they can operate our newly added Labor/Delivery Clinic on a 24 hour/seven day a week basis.
• Purchase incubators, etc., for the newborns.
• Cover the printing costs for the 2nd edition of Zosie the Zebra.

To order your copy of Zosie and the optional Kenyan hand carved/hand painted folk art zebra that inspired our story, please click on this link and you will be directed to the order form:


Will Zosie
Find a Forever
Home in YOUR Heart?