Breaking News…Labor & Delivery is operational….funding for the housing of the medical staff is underway….partner with us ~

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One of our dreams for the expansion of the clinic in our village in Kenya came to fruition!!!
A Labor & Delivery is operational…..

PLEASE, read a letter below from one of the local officials that we have developed a relationship with over the years as to this exciting news….. We were there in August 2015 for the dedication of the addition of the new L & D….this is much to celebrate….also, please look over this website to see of all our efforts and development and how to make a tax deductible donation to further our impact and the proceeds of our children’s book to further our cause.

We can not thank you, our supporters, enough for participating in our endeavors with your financial donations and the purchases from our Mission’s Market…..Praise God,  you too have answered the call ~

” Hello to the entire community of Highland Park Presbyterian Church! I salute you all, I wish to inform you that Njuthine dispensary has 2 nurses, a lab assistant, three of whom are now paid by the county government and support staff paid by the dispensary. Construction is ongoing and expect it will be complete by next week so that a maternity ward is operational by the end of the month as the county government has promised me they will give me 7or 8 beds that will fit into the facility and actually grade the road. I wish to ask your mission team & ours to do official opening of the maternity and labor wards once you arrive at Njuthine.
God bless you and greet all, Asante” from the Honorable Julius Mbijiwe (local official in the region of Njuthine and surrounding villages)

December 2014 Update:

NEW MEDICAL PROJECT: Fundraising is underway to expand the clinic to add  (the desperately needed) basic Labor & Delivery accommodations as well as accommodations for medical personnel to remain on call at all hours. All  gifts are welcome and various levels of corporate sponsorships are available.

NEW EDUCATIONAL PROJECT: As the students at the school continue to thrive and excel, two needs have arisen. First, there is a growing urgency to expand the school as the classrooms are filled beyond capacity. Secondly, as the number of students being accepted into secondary school continues to grow, the need for more scholarship funds has also grown. $1,200 will provide a one year scholarship including room and board for one student. Please consider investing in the hard work and future of these students.

Proceeds from the Missions Market will be applied to scholarships for students as well as other financial needs for the village.

UPCOMING NEED: As we plan our summer VBS, we still need one sponsor to provide the materials and crafts ($1,200) and multiple sponsors to provide sporting equipment (soccer balls, baseballs and baseball equipment, volleyballs, etc.)

UPDATE: Please view Boniface’s update here. Please contact for more information on these opportunities.


Government Advocacy

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