Kenya 2013 150We could not be more proud of the accomplishments in Njuthine. Each one labored over by mission trip volunteers, prayed over by numerous prayer partners, and supported by thousands all over the world through donations, financial support, and other means. The following progress has been made since HPPC’s first mission trip to Njuthine, Kenya in 2007:

Water Irrigation & Purification:

  • 11 mile pipeline completed from the water source (river) to the villagers
  • Villagers are now more than just subsistent farmers and are able to maintain livestock and grow multiple crops year round
  • The school has running water and is landscaped and irrigated
  • Habitat International has been introduced, broken ground & several homes are have been built which can now include indoor plumbing
  •  300+ water filtration kits delivered to the villagers, school and clinic


  • education2The Primary School has improved from being ranked the worst school to one of the best in the district; only 2nd to a private school
  • The primary school was upgraded with additional classrooms, desks, chairs, class rooms, school books and a restroom
  • Vacation Bible School has been introduced and conducted by combined efforts of missionaries and villagers
  • 6 students have graduated and gone on to attend higher education (this is the first time in 20 years the region has sent graduates on to further their education)
  • Sports equipment and baseball has been donated to the school
  • 10,000+ lbs. of supplies have been delivered, i.e. clothes, shoes, uniforms, toothbrushes/toothpaste, nail clippers, toiletries, coats, knitted caps, back packs and more over the years from our partnership
  • A PA system was donated which allows for large assemblies and worship

Kenya - 2012 510Healthcare:

  • The only health dispensary clinic in this region was hand built from the ground up
  • A women’s health program was instituted in partnership with doctors from Nairobi including breast and cervical cancer screenings
  • Women’s health education classes conducted
  • Thousands of dollars of medication has been distributed to over 3000 villagers
  • Lives have been impacted and saved by the intervention of HPPC and the local medical volunteers
  • A bridge now connects this village to an adjoining village, thereby making it possible for many Kenyans to access the new dispensary
  • Labor & Delivery has been operational since 2015; a laundry room and kitchen are next on the agenda to the L & D

Government Advocacy:

  • The American Ambassador to Kenya visited the region at the request of trip participants
  • Local dignitaries have heard of our participation and are now personally involved
  • Electricity has been installed in the clinic and school making computers and refrigeration of medicine possible
  • The Minister of Health has agreed to fund the dispensary

Kenya - 2012 642Spiritual:

  • The local Presbyterian Church has MORE THAN quadrupled in size and literally outgrown its facility
  • A restroom and sink was added to the local church
  • Crown Ministry has been introduced
  • 150 Bibles in their native tongue delivered to the local church
  • Illustrated children’s bibles have also been distributed to our adopted school and local church

What a gift to fulfill our calling as HPPC members & missionaries; we can’t wait to see what God has in store for its future.

We want you to prayerfully consider partnering with us for our July mission trip….we need you to assist in VBS, & Health Clinic (and no, you do not have to have a medical degree) or just keep this vision God has for Njuthine alive, growing, fulfilling & accomplishing all that He Dreams for our brothers & sisters in another land through prayer and support.


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