Things Are Happening – Take a Look

Labor & Delivery construction 7/9/15

IMG_5737One of our dreams for the expansion of the clinic in our village in Kenya is coming to fruition!!!!

A Labor & Delivery is in the process at this very moment…..

PLEASE, read a letter from one of the local officials that we have developed a relationship with over the years as to this exciting news….. We will be there in August for the dedication of the needed Labor & Delivery….this is much to celebrate!
Also, please look at our website: to see of all our efforts and development and how to make a tax deductible donation to further our impact with the proceeds of the children’s book, Zosie the Zebra to further our cause.

“Hello to the entire community of Highland Park Presbyterian Church! I salute you all, I wish to inform you that Njuthine dispensary has 2 nurses, a lab assistant, three of whom are now paid by the county government and support staff paid by the dispensary. Construction is ongoing and expect it will be complete by next week so that a maternity ward is operational by the end of the month as the county government has promised me they will give me 7or 8 beds that will fit into the facility and actually grade the road. I wish to ask your mission team & ours to do official opening of the maternity and labor wards once you arrive at Njuthine.
God bless you and greet all, Asante” from the Honorable Julius Mbijiwe

Latest Development to the surrounding village

Spring of 2015, we received pictures and correspondences from one of the local officials to the changes of the surrounding villages that have caught the vision for transformation with their own communities.  For the first time in history communities are able to connect by the roads that are being cleared for transportation. Schools are being built in villages so the children do not have to walk so far. Conferences for education are being held. Wheelchairs are being delivered to the needy. Gravity fed water pipelines are in the works for other villages. The local officials have seen the improvements in our Njuthine and finally are using our village as the template for the surrounding villages. And they are doing this on their own!!!! See what a “Hand-Up” for the needy can do!!!! The ripple effect is in motion!!!

Njuthine blog update pictures

Take a look at what is happening in and around Njuthine, Kenya.


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