***2014 Update***
According to Kenya’s “Class 8 National Exam” results, students at Njuthine Primary School are excelling into academic excellence. The mean grade has more than doubled from 120 to over 247! The school has jumped in ranking within their District from last place to third place, only behind two private academies. Last year the community rejoiced when four students were able to continue their education at secondary boarding schools. This marked the end of a 20-year period where no students were able to qualify for, nor afford, secondary education. It was made possible by three scholarships provided by HPPC and one provided by the collective community. In 2014,  11 students will be enrolled in secondary schools, marking an impressive 275% increase for the Njuthine community.


According to community leader Protasio, “This good record is due to collective support from various stakeholders, HPPC being the bigger contributor by providing most of the learning materials. Please pass our gratitude to the HPPC congregation.”

Since 2007, the following progress has been made for Education:

  • the primary school was upgraded with additional classrooms, desks, chairs, class rooms, school books and a restroom
  • Vacation Bible School has been introduced and conducted by combined efforts of missionaries and villagers
  • the Primary School has improved from being ranked the worst school to one of the best in the district
  • 3 students have graduated and gone on to attend higher education (this is the first time in 20 years the region has sent graduates on to further their education)
  • Sports equipment and baseball has been donated to the school
  • 7000 lbs. of supplies have been delivered, i.e. clothes, shoes, uniforms, toothbrushes/toothpaste, nail clippers, toiletries, coats, knitted caps, back packs and more
  • a PA system was donated which allows for large assemblies and worship

Kenya - 2012 130


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